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Universal standards of good governance require government officials, company directors, officers, managers, and specific groups of staff to declare their interests, as well as any gifts, or hospitality they may have received or declined. 

Governments, companies and other organisations are required to maintain and publish registers of these declared interests, gifts, and hospitality. 

These standards ensure stakeholders trust governments, companies, charities, and even sports clubs to act in the interest of stakeholders, not for their own personal gain. This governance first-principle is closely linked to the fiduciary duties of officers, directors, and those in Public Office.

For most industries and organisations, the avoidance and management of Conflicts of Interest is a mandatory compliance matter.


Openness, transparency, and accountability should be the first principle for good governance; not a compliance tick-box exercise, or afterthought. Reputation, brand, and trust go hand in hand. It is vital to govern for reputation and trust if you want a successful, respected brand.


Governance should not absorb precious resources for its own sake. Governance should be simple, painless, and accessible. Good governance should enable sustainable business success.

Effortless Digital Governance

Declaflow's digital register "solution as a service" effortlessly captures, maintains, publishes, and reports on your Registers of Interest, Gifts, and Hospitality using automation for total efficiency.

We use process automation to remove the cost in time and resource you would otherwise spend across your organisation on administration of registers.

Intelligent data-quality assurance and auditing are built-in, giving you accurate, up-to-date, and quality-assured reports for your board, internal and external audit, counter-fraud, procurement, and your audit and risk committees.

The Declaflow Solution

Declaflow Register of Interest, Gifts, and Hospitality effortless governance solution.

governance and trust

Reputation is a vital asset.

Openness, transparency, accountability, and trust are the building blocks of reputation.

Whether your organisation is public, private, or listed, demonstrating good governance is the way to maintain that trust.

Good governance breeds a healthy culture, strong partnerships, and a trusted reputation.

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regulatory compliance

How you govern is your choice.

Most codes of governance are based on the principal of "comply or explain."

That means you can lead your organisation the way that works best for you.

But regulatory compliance is not as flexible. Most regulators require audited evidence of compliance.

Exemplary standards of compliance keep regulated organisations safe.

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