A selection of questions that our clients have asked us.

Who should I contact for support?

Your organisation’s Corporate Governance team is the first point of contact for any policy advice you may require.

We are always available to answer any system or admin support queries live or in near real-time.

Will my declarations be publicly available?

Declarations by people categorised as Decision Makers (i.e. engaged in the process of buying goods and services) are made publicly available, generally via your organisation’s website. If you are not a Decision Maker, your Interests are only visible internally in your organisation. This is a policy set by your own organisation so, if in any doubt, check with your Corporate Governance team.

Is my organisation’s Register of Interests updated in real time when I enter a new Interest?

Declaflow Registers of Interest are updated once each hour, so you may have to wait up to an hour for a newly declared Interest to appear.

Why is a login session only valid for 60 minutes?

For system security reasons, Declaflow sessions expire after 60 minutes. We believe an hour is sufficient time for our users to make their declarations on the system, which is designed to be quick and easy to use.

Can I access Declaflow from my mobile phone or tablet device?

Yes, Declaflow supports contemporary mobile devices. We recommend you use the ‘Card’ view rather than the ‘Table’ view on smartphones, as this was designed  for these devices.

What software do I have to download to my personal computer to use Declaflow?

There is no software to download to use Declaflow - it is a Cloud-based portal that only requires you to be able to reach a website address, using a modern computer or mobile device browser to work.

Does Declaflow integrate with the NHS Electronic Staff Records system (ESR)?

Currently it does not but this is something we are looking at for a future development of the system.

Is Declaflow secure?

Declaflow is designed with ease of use and security as the foremost considerations. It is hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud computing environment, where system security is the first priority. Please contact us if you need more information on system security topics.

How and where will my data be stored?

Your data is stored in Amazon Web Services systems located in London, UK. The data is stored in a database. Declarations are encrypted, so even we can’t tell just by looking at the database whose declarations are whose. Your email address is stored at the organisation level only.

Who owns my data?

Your data is owned by your organisation. Once declarations have been published, Decision Makers information is in the public domain where it can be seen and used by third parties.

How do I remove my data from the system once I have left the organisation I currently work for?

Once you have left the organisation, a nominated Declaflow administrator from your Corporate Governance department will deactivate your login. If you wish your data to be destroyed before the required retention period expires,, please contact your administrator.

Who owns Declaflow?

The Declaflow product is owned by Workflow Doctor Ltd, a UK-registered workflow solutions company.

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